MacKenzie Camp – serving kids in the Okanagan since 1947

MacKenzie Camp is a summer kids’ camp on beautiful Mabel Lake, 35 km east of Enderby, B.C. Since 1947, it has been sharing love of Creation and hope for the future with thousands of children and youth from the Shuswap, the Okanagan Valley, and around the world. Adults too! Awesome staff, chaplains, and volunteers make it a welcoming and wonderous place, regardless of denomination. MacKenzie is a Camp and Retreat Centre of the United Church of Canada.

Camp Cleaned Up!

A team of 12 put MacKenzie Camp “to bed” for the winter on Saturday, October 19th. The mattresses were stored (some old foamies were chucked), the water system shut down, the cabins swept, the life preservers hung up to dry, the dorm washed down and vacuumed. Man, talk about Ruthless Efficiency! We were all done by 1:15. And to top it all, it was a perfectly GORGEOUS day. (See photo at right.)

Check Out that New Roof

Curly’s Roofing had the new roof on Alice in 10 days, flat. It’s splendid! All the tin is “crimped” in place, so no screw nails or washers. To gather up the ones from the old roof, they ran a magnetic roller all around Alice’s perimeter. Thank you, Curly’s Roofing!