MacKenzie Camp Society

Get to know us! Click here to read our report on the year ending 2019.

Our Vision:

At MacKenzie Camp:

  • we believe all people are unique, important and capable individuals.
  • we inspire campers through relationships, nature and spirituality to grow and have fun!

We aim to grow MacKenzie Camp Society into a financially sustainable, spirit-guided North Okanagan/Shuswap United Church non-profit organization. Services will include a wilderness summer camping program for 450 campers, school programs for 300 and retreat experiences from May to October.

We Value:

  • spirituality of all, focusing on love, acceptance and respect
  • awareness of the Creator by becoming closer to creation
  • nurturing personal growth
  • building relationships within communities
  • recognizing humanity as an integral part of nature 

Board of Directors 2019

Chair: Barry Dorval
Secretary: Don McNair
Treasurer, Administration, & Rentals: Rev. Lorraine Powell
Personnel: Dalynn Kearney & Allison Glanfield
Policy: Franklyn James
Property: Pat Hudson
Fundraising: Lindsay Lundquist & Brenda Franklin
Volunteer Coordinator: Dalynn Kearney
Marketing & Promotion: Don McNair & Nancy House
Member at large: Mike Ruck

Why we do it!

  • “I work for MacKenzie Camp because I think it’s wonderful for the kids!” Eve Lemky
  • “My two girls have attended camp during the last 8 years. They have grown because of this experience and I want to see these benefits continue.” Frank Hassard
  • “I’ve been going to camp since I was nine months old. My grandparents and parents were involved in YMCA camps. I really, really believe in camping as ‘a week that lasts a life-time’.” Judy Symington
  • “I am continuing Henry Peter’s legacy of being involved with United Church camping.” Marie Peters (Life Member)
  • “I have had an interest in MacKenzie since I was a director in 1984. This is a follow up to my many years of Scouting in B.C. and Alberta.” Tom Cole
  • “I used to be a camp counsellor. Those are days one always remembers. Of course, as those who know me know, I am greatly interested in education.” Les Ellenor
  • “I’m a canoeist, camper, hiker, interested in caring for our environment, a past Big Brother, currently a ‘Pal Partner.’ All of this is combined in MacKenzie Camp.” Ron Everest
  • “My wife said I should get out more.” Harry Bartlet

MacKenzie Camp Society Membership

We can always use more help! Come and join us in this important and vital work with our children and youth!

Membership is a commitment to helping children gain a rich experience focussed on Creation and the Creator, the environment and higher self-esteem.

Types of Membership:

  • Basic: $15 annually
  • Lifetime: $100

Membership forms can be downloaded here and mailed in with your cash/cheque.

For additional information, just email us or phone 250-838-6293.